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A testCase for Java2D, the graphic API of java. Sun's implementation was said to be slow. I did my own test in a little webstartable benchmark to which i gave a game look.
Thanks to my wife -who did the sprites-, it is also very nice. Take a look at it, and test it. Read also the application notes and the conclusions that game helped to draw.

GoSub:  Webstart  |  Zip file
Application notes (pdf)

A distributed and collaborative simulation framework. A work i started after working in the simulation field and decided to turn my ideas into reality. Work in progress.

Hierarchy view
Click here to see what model editor looks like (new window)

A catalogue website i did in jsp. (tomcat/mysql)
The treeview used is mine. It is a mix between CSS, javascript and its folding is client side. Innovation comes from that it is a tag, totally content interactive (shows a TreeModel), and highly customizable(pluggable renderers). Its bandwidth needs have been reduced drastically using CSS and frames. When a category is selected in the tree, only the catalogue page is loaded, which saves from reloading everything and reduces latency. This is a first version of a to-be-revamped website.

image of website
Jump to the website ! (new window)

Other projects to come soon...

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